All Parish Meeting Notes

February 10, 2019: Saint Rose All Parish Meeting

Minutes, Small Group Responses, Open Mic Responses

Father started the meeting with an Opening Prayer.

Introductions of: Parish Business Administrator, Principal, Trustee’s, Faith Formation Leader, Staff and Committee members.

Joe Juaire – Business Administrator reviewed the financials of the Parish, there is a shortfall projected but are working to minimize the impact through vendor contracts, cutting expenses, meeting with CSCOE on grants and other ideas. There is no deferred maintenance which is a positive, but there are items that a capital campaign could help with such as parking lot, church roof, technology updates for the parish center. A feasibility study will need to be conducted prior to launching a capital campaign.

Father Paveglio – discussed secularization and diversity within Ramsey County. 50% of those surveyed stated they have no religious affiliation. This is a major change in the last 10 years. Of those who responded 24% report as Catholic, 22% Protestant and 3% other. The Roseville school district has 7500 enrolled 31% of those speak another language than English. Globally the concerns of the clerical abuse continue to affect Catholics everywhere. Bishops are meeting at the Vatican at the end of the month so this will continue to be in the news. It is hard to be Catholic at this time, but, in another sense, there is no better time to witness to being Catholic. The local diocese bankruptcy has been finalized. Locally churches are growing both Catholic and non-Catholic.

Attendees were asked to break out into small groups and discuss the following topics, notes were to be taken and collected at the end of the session.

What are the Strengths of St. Rose of Lima?

What Challenges do we face?

How do we respond to those challenges?

What is the Lord’s Vision for our Parish?

After 20 minutes of small group discussion the floor was opened for questions/comments, below is a summary of the questions/comments. (These follow at the end of the document).

Father reviewed next steps – Summary of the meeting will be published and perhaps another meeting in the spring. Staff will also review all the notes from the small group breakouts.

Father ended with a closing prayer.

Small Group Hand-written Responses

What are the strengths of St. Rose of Lima?

What challenges do we face?

How do we respond to those challenges?

What is the Lord’s vision for our parish?


  1. New Leadership –Father, Joe Grace etc –Music, Mass-Fresh ideas
  2. Sense of community already together-
  3. Very Generous Parish/Giving Spirit
  4. School Staff – Don & Greg
  5. School, facilities, architecture, liturgy, choir, outreach programs, staff, teachers-committed, energetic Priest, administrator
  6. Paveglio leadership & commitment to Christ
  7. He brings the strength of the younger generation & he gets the younger people involved
  8. Physical plant – church itself is beautiful
  9. Our location
  10. Adoration Chapel – prayer, community, heartfelt participation, prayer, pastoral ministers
  11. Funeral Schola and music ministry in general
  12. Parish Staff
  13. Spirituality Adoration
  14. Good staff, good choir, good volunteers
  15. Social Justice, respond to challenge CC better
  16. After school program advertise
  17. Marketing get word out
  18. Advertise speakers
  19. Programs for children finance to support
  20. Who are we after to come target group
  21. Sadness grief anxiety for holidays
  22. Have speaker in small groups Christ based
  23. Social area connected for small funerals
  24. Need volunteers, need young volunteers
  25. Churches invite each other back & forth
  26. Environment, location, liturgy, music, funeral schola
  27. Choir, music ministry
  28. Generous Parishioners
  29. Paveglio/Youth & Energy
  30. No long-term debt
  31. Reserves (Financial)
  32. Geographic location
  33. Demographics – older parishioners willing to volunteer
  34. Well maintained facilities
  35. Big spacious well-kept facilities
  36. Distinctive, well placed-people know it from far away – the round church
  37. Adoration Chapel
  38. Pastor with a lot of energy who is willing to make changes
  39. Right-sized our mass schedule
  40. Energetic principal, willing to make change adoration Chapel
  41. Marc Paveglio
  42. 0 outstanding debt
  43. School both strength and challenge
  44. Staff
  45. School
  46. Committed people
  47. Greeters/people welcoming
  48. The church space
  49. Music – good to have full choir, children’s choir
  50. Funeral lunches- we help families
  51. Youth involvement and youth choir, pancakes, leadership in Faith Formation
  52. (Promising to see involvement)
  53. Adoration chapel – serves neighbors as well
  54. Financially sound, debt free, long history, central location
  55. Music Ministry
  56. Post Vatican 2 design/well maintained
  57. Beautiful Church, special shout out to the stain glass windows
  58. Energetic Pastor, positive pastor
  59. Art & Environment
  60. School dedicated staff
  61. New Social activities to bring people together throughout the year
  62. ____________ __________ of volunteer
  63. _________ ___________ Adoration Chapel feel the _____
  64. Church dedicated staff
  65. Lively liturgies special holidays
  66. Theological content of homilies has increased
  67. Young Pastor
  68. Communication
  69. Volunteer devoted
  70. We know how to support each other in times of need
  71. Funeral Schola
  72. Generous parish financially
  73. Adoration Chapel
  74. School
  75. Grade School
  76. Building & facilities
  77. No huge debt
  78. Partnership w/Corpus Christi
  79. Variety of Mass times on the weekend between both parishes
  80. Adoration Chapel
  81. School
  82. Welcoming parish
  83. The energy brought by new/young priest
  84. Generous giving (Food Shelf)
  85. Interest in parish/involved parishioners
  86. Music ministry
  87. Variety of volunteer activities
  88. Fresh Leader
  89. History/longevity
  90. Solid foundation
  91. Visibility in community
  92. Handicap accessible
  93. Nice layout of Church
  94. School & Adoration
  95. Priest who can relate to people
  96. Good School
  97. Committed core of parishioners
  98. Adoration Chapel
  99. Energetic Pastor
  100. Pastoral Care Team
  101. Strong Music Program
  102. Long term history- many people have stayed – seasoned
  103. Financial stable
  104. New pastor Father Paveglio
  105. Strong in prayer –faithful
  106. Beautiful Church
  107. Centrally located
  108. Easy parking
  109. Strength of school
  110. Religious education –well provided
  111. Many committees offered
  112. Father is present & visible to youth
  113. Daily Mass
    1. Father Paveglio resonates with everyone: takes time to respond, reverence, Good sense of mind
  114. Adoration Chapel
  115. Community
  116. School
  117. We have opportunity to grow based on population (versus a small town)
  118. Paveglio is immersing himself in the parish community –he interacts with everyone
  119. Paveglio
  120. Community sense
  121. School – kids recognize me at daily Mass –makes me feel good
  122. School – kids are “excellent”
  123. Facilities/beautiful Church
  124. Over 50 parishioners committed
  125. Prayer cards from school kids
  126. Pastoral Ministry – Grace
  127. Youth program
  128. Tradition
  129. Well knew presence (Rose Parade) involvement in community
  130. School
  131. Father Paveglio
  132. Involve new families bring up gifts (some churches are very particular who gets this opportunity)
  133. Community of caring outreach ministries – communion to @ home, meals on _______ get involved
  134. Adoration Chapel
  135. Knights of Columbus
  136. Youth ministry
  137. Music ministry –variety
  138. Volunteers passionate
  139. Traditions
  140. Well know Presence (Rose Parade) involvement in the community
  141. School
  142. Father Paveglio
  143. Involve new families – bring up gifts (some churches are very particular who gets this opportunity)
  144. Community of caring
  145. Outreach ministries communion to home, meals on wheels (get involved)
  146. Adoration Chapel
  147. Knights of Columbus
  148. Youth Ministry
  149. Music Ministry – variety
  150. Volunteers – passionate
  151. Welcoming
  152. Sense of community
  153. Beautiful church
  154. New pastor young adult group
  155. Adoration Chapel
  156. Long History
  157. Strong liturgy –music program
  158. Good Pastor
  159. Accessible physically
  160. Hearing assist
  161. Good physical plant – air condition
  162. Having a school
  163. All the longtime parishioners
  164. School
  165. Adoration Chapel
  166. Facilities –excellent w/lots of space to expand
  167. The Church itself
  168. The Staff
  169. A new young energetic pastor open to new ideas
  170. For participating members we bring in a lot of money
  171. Music ministry
  172. Good Pastor
  173. Renew energy
  174. Established old parish
  175. Finances have been good in the past
  176. Greeter
  177. All of our organizations in the parish
  178. Gathering Space
  179. Donut Sunday twice a month
  180. Bring back the Liturgical music concerts

Challenges we face:

  1. Bringing new people into established groups
  2. Keeping school viable & strong-enrollment increase
  3. Routine Maintenance-Continuing improvements in church acoustics
  4. School affordability –
  5. Bringing new parishioners (Young In) – staying involved
  6. Utilized facilities – apartment in the parish
  7. Get Catholics to church
  8. Declining enrollment
  9. Bad news about the church
  10. More students in classrooms
  11. Reach youth
  12. Dropped senior programs
  13. Upgrading of school, increasing the enrollment, lack of involvement by younger people
  14. School is an anchor but it isn’t strong as it should be
  15. Lack of involvement by families and young adults
  16. A challenge with # of free and reduced lunch in Roseville hard for families to afford tuition
  17. A challenge to increase enrollment among non-Catholics
  18. Reduction of masses (elimination of 8 am mass)
  19. Credibility and reputation of the Catholic Church in general
  20. Getting the message out that Catholic grade school is no less affordable than daycare
  21. Addressing the question: Is the Catholic Church relevant today?
  22. Encouraging parents to begin Faith Formation when the children are very young
  23. Demographics –older parishioners dying
  24. Broader sexual abuse within the church
  25. Young people have lost trust
  26. Faith people appear to be hypocritical
  27. Reduction in the number of priests
  28. Resources not available to tradition no married men, no women
  29. School reducing student enrollment
  30. Lack of younger parishioners
  31. Better/Larger community meeting spaces
  32. Accusations against Fr. Fitz & others have left lingering discomfort
  33. Evangelical churches are more “fun” and are better at relating to people lives
  34. Elderly parishioners have difficulty staying involved
  35. Younger adults are often very busy
  36. Two parishes’ one pastor
  37. School stairs exclude those who are disabled from many social events
  38. Not easy to meet other members
  39. Finances
  40. School
  41. Child servers (not enough)
  42. Demographic change in Roseville (become more international to reach out to Hmong, Somali and Hispanics)
  43. Need more marketing at school need more activities
  44. Aging demographics
  45. How people feel like there aren’t many children; not a lot of families
  46. Sunday school takes kids out and if people feel like they are the only ones they may not come back
  47. Want more visibility of young children and teens at mass
  48. It’s a strength that doesn’t show
  49. Teens need peers & models
  50. Our strengths are not very viable
  51. More funding, can’t raise school tuition
  52. Difficult to hear in church –even for younger people
  53. Unwelcoming
  54. Declining school enrollment
  55. Lack of volunteers
  56. Population is aging affecting the replacement of attendants at mass
  57. _______________ of our area
  58. Scandals of the Church
  59. Decline in population of our School
  60. Lack of diversity in our parish, not reflective of the population of Roseville
  61. Financially SRL is challenged
  62. Be more welcoming
  63. More young people involved (Greeters) Young people attendance & involved opportunities
  64. Outside activities –sports
  65. Jobs, other activities & interests
  66. 2 weddings cast year
  67. Smaller families
  68. More people
  69. Partnership w/Corpus –splits people, money & support
  70. More volunteers
  71. Easily offended- people leave
  72. Priest burn-out
  73. Loyal steady parishioner base
  74. Loyal people
  75. English speaking priest
  76. Parishioners are kind
  77. Mass times
  78. Visiting communication
  79. School last year
  80. School population – demographics
  81. Getting new volunteers started in volunteering
  82. “Too spread out” physically in Church
  83. Age of parishioners (aging)
  84. Sexual abuse impact on parishioners – Direction of Church
  85. Parish size (of building, spread-out, etc.)
  86. Aging parish/no young people joining
  87. Why are young families going to St Odilia’s
  88. Our parish offerings are old and stale
  89. St Rose & Corpus Christi don’t work well together
  90. Too much duplication of efforts
  91. Lack of community space
  92. No clear identity Increase enrolment
  93. 98-up
  94. Gathering space (lack of)
  95. Not as many young families
  96. Increase young people’s involvement
  97. New membership in committees
  98. Father’s availability on Sunday – not running
  99. More collaboration Corpus Christi
  100. Why only 800 come? 2700???
  101. Young families missing
  102. Prayer of the faithful –ill – time for personal intentions
  103. No social
  104. Events not well attended
  105. Lack of consistency in volunteers
  106. Succession training, planning
  107. Volunteers spread thin
  108. Need a more vibrant worship/Mass more contemporary
  109. School is financially draining & not growing – social issues that need to be addressed
  110. Why are families leaving
  111. No gathering space that is lively not all space utilized correctly
  112. Lack of participation @ Church – gift bears, ushers, EM, sacristans
  113. Bringing in young people
  114. Music to loud
  115. Immediate
  116. Training for people to speak
    sound system – can’t hear –if we can’t hear we will go elsewhere
  117. Younger people need & expect better quality sound
  118. Aging group or leaders (volunteers
  119. Competition for both parishes & school students
  120. School enrollment
  121. Feedback for next time display/handout the questions 1 week before
  122. Father please speak more slowly to help hearing in this space
  123. Need to fill our pews to fill our school
  124. Space is to large and draws the energy away from group
  125. Music
  126. Aging parish
  127. Sound system
  128. Attendance
  129. School enrollment
  130. Getting young families into church
  131. Getting volunteers for parish ministry
  132. Perception of being an older community – not as fun
  133. Doesn’t attract/welcome millennials
  134. Mass times
  135. Lack of awareness of parish ministries
  136. No one comes to ministry Sunday
  137. Ministries lean heavily towards older parishioners, turns away younger families
  138. Lack youthful energy
  139. Fewer people competition with sports teams
  140. Youth
  141. New communications
  142. Finding something parents can find time to do
  143. School families in church (children are willing)
  144. Fewer people
  145. Competition with sports teams
  146. Youth
  147. New communications
  148. Finding something parents can find time to do
  149. School families in church (children are willing)
  150. Better gathering space
  151. Incorporate youth and liturgy
  152. Domestic church begins at home
  153. Declining attendance = declining ____________
  154. Lack of new parishioners
  155. Getting younger people involved
  156. More social justice programs
  157. Lack of diversity
  158. Financial stability
  159. Lack of gathering space
  160. Lack of weddings
  161. Lack of gathering space
  162. Food? Simple
  163. Encourage folks to stay
  164. Take interior doors down to make Narthex more open
  165. Have donuts before mass instead of after
  166. Removes some pews
  167. Tables would help
  168. Set up herb garden by SW door
  169. School
  170. too small
  171. Assess if it’s worth investing. Yes!
  172. School anchors parishioners to the parish
  173. Families have busy schedules, so navigating church times is difficult
  174. What are other parishes doing to draw kids in?
  175. Need guidance when people ask – “Why are you still Catholic?” & “Why go to a Catholic School?”
  176. Collaborate with Roseville public schools
  177. We need outreach
  178. Is there any way to add an elevator for access to those who need it?
  179. Fellowship space
  180. No elevator in school
  181. Not enough young people
  182. Weather
  183. Outreach programs –welcoming
  184. Archdiocese problem
  185. Financial
  186. Trained speakers to the level of people
  187. Fellowship space $
  188. Elevator i- by ______
  189. Sexual abuse; gay
  190. Women priest
  191. Young families school
  192. 32 new parishioners – “What made them join?”
  193. The possibility of merger w/ CC
  194. More publicity
  195. Make it Grow
  196. Need more young families in pews
  197. No organizations for widows or widowers
  198. Better space for funeral lunches
  199. No gathering space
  200. Can’t hear everyone, diction & sound system issues
  201. Challenge of involving people – be more welcoming of volunteers
  202. Train new volunteers
  203. Getting volunteers
  204. So many doors people can come & go – easy to not feel connected
  205. Declining school enrollment
  206. Clergy abuse and negative publicity
  207. Cover up of abuse
  208. Aging demographics
  209. Lack of involvement from middle age groups
  210. Fearful of burning out parish priest
  211. No gathering place for socializing
  212. The sound system is not the best
  213. How to bring in the young without losing the elderly
  214. Vocation is declining
  215. Food Shelf Scheduling more conducive to the volunteer (maybe ask the volunteers to send in available dates for scheduling)
  216. Contemporary music instead of traditional music (uplifting, joyous music)
  217. Making the younger generation grow in faith become active members
  218. How can we help form the domestic Church

Responding to Challenges:

  1. How to have more community building activities – involvement
  2. Increase funding/ more bingo
  3. More young adults/families in
  4. Leadership made mistakes
  5. Owned it
  6. Need to move forward
  7. Development person on staff
  8. We need to be willing to welcome young children – we are doing a good job but we all need to be on board with this We need to get people “in the door” attract UofM students promote the younger adult group even more
  9. Offer a “Parents Night Out”
  10. We need to reach out more in the community
  11. Add 1 “rock” mass per month
  12. Financial
  13. 9 am Mass, Timing for masses, the legacy of distrust, the reputation of the church, misogyny, lack of young people, school of 98, limited outreach, fall festival, the thing has gone away nothing replaced Men’s club, Women’s club
  14. Community building activities
  15. Less parishioner involvement in activities
  16. More parish meetings for dialog not so much monologue
  17. More committee building activities
  18. Too routine
  19. More outreach to involve parishioners
  20. Change model for school –e.g. Charter School
  21. Bring more women into the church more leadership roles
  22. Allow married men to be priests
  23. More urgency in responding to sexual abuse issues
  24. Provide more programs that appeal to younger or all demographics – not religious programs
  25. More cooperation between Corpus & St. Rose
  26. Less duplicated effort & resources
  27. Talk from the pulpit – Focus parish on ministry –help unify the vision of we are doing together
  28. Speaker about what’s great about the Universal Catholic Church versus just local churches
  29. Help us to be proud of Catholicism
  30. Are our ministries still relevant and meeting the greatest needs
  31. Re-evaluate, adjust
  32. Help people to respond to change with excitement, rather than just fear of loss of the old
  33. Pray
  34. Small group gatherings
  35. Bring back fall festival it brought people together
  36. Focus on welcoming people – signs outside
  37. Postcards for new arrivals in zip code to draw them to certain events
  38. Pastor publicly welcome children from ambo
  39. A gathering of younger families
  40. Go to playground after mass
  41. Yard games
  42. Ice cream social
  43. Something not elaborate; open-ended; something right here on campus-easy to go to & leave
  44. Showcase- youth group – talk at end of mass
  45. Boy Scouts
  46. Girl Scouts
  47. Ministry/outreach to new moms
  48. Build a gathering space
  49. Introduce yourself at the start of mass
  50. Ask father to greet the congregation at the start of mass
  51. Form a group to study churches that are doing well to see if we can learn from them
  52. Give out bottle of water at State Fair Park & Ride with St Rose logo on bottle (more outreach)
  53. Shorten the mass (half hour)
  54. Figure out how to market the Church establish a committee esp. on ______
  55. Holy Days- maybe create a marketing list for a postcard
  56. Evangelize individually & as groups like concerts or _____ as _________
  57. Talking [points on how to address criticism of the Church & in general doubts about God;
  58. Separation of Christian denominations
  59. Have an Ecumenical Service
  60. Possibly look @ bringing the Fall Festival [email protected] least every other year
  61. Invite Orthodox Catholic speakers to come in (not necessarily conservative)
  62. Coordinate a meeting w/area parishes
  63. Introduce ourselves @ beginning of each Mass
  64. Promote what we’re doing –Loaves & Fishes, Food shelf
  65. Break volunteerism into smaller groups
  66. More activities interest people
  67. Partner with School families
  68. Attend
  69. Later weekday Mass, evening?
  70. Nursery? Staff baby room?
  71. Advertise in the community for Church & School& Activities
  72. Selective
  73. Adoration Chapel
  74. Welcome
  75. ___________
  76. Visits
  77. Bring back Hawaiian Shirt day!
  78. Have a plan for now
  79. NOW: Visits to sick/transporting elderly
  80. Have a plan for the future
  81. FUTURE: Programming for demographics to come
  82. Roseville will change; St Rose needs to be ready
  83. Volunteers invite other volunteers to get started (Outreach)
  84. Rope off seating
  85. Advertise/marketing-postcards – invite others to church
  86. Open communication
  87. Need to refresh outreach to youths, young adults, and young families
  88. What can feed school/rel ed student?
  89. Maybe try offering seminar series during Rel Ed time
  90. Bring in big speakers Jeff Cavins, Matthew Kelly, Jason Evert
  91. Youth group needs to increase faith-based activities
  92. Tap into Archdiocesan activities Wine, catholic watchmen, Archdiocesan Youth day
  93. Parish and School need to communicate better
  94. Parish-wide mission
  95. Continue priest presence in the school
  96. Work actively with Corpus Christi More interaction w/young families
  97. More opportunity for parents to get together – support each other beer, soup, supper, coffee
  98. Observe other parishes that are growing – what are they doing?
  99. Why aren’t they coming & find a plan to address it realistically
  100. Reach out to families that have left our church for somewhere else – invite them back to see what is new
  101. Possibly rope off side sections to move people to the middle to become a community
  102. Personal invitations and feel welcome
  103. Young families want energy (music) and personal greetings
  104. Begin mass with greeting those around you
  105. Need to accept all – no matter level of faith or circumstances –promote all are welcome and don’t judge people getting judged can keep people away
  106. What has attracted someone recently
  107. The older generation is very welcoming to others, getting them involved in greeting, adoration, etc…
  108. Open/welcoming vibrant
  109. Inspire all generations
  110. Evangelize –be more welcoming
  111. Personal invitations & outreach
  112. Fellowship –welcoming, belonging
  113. Communication –
  114. More joyful hymns
  115. Capital Drive
  116. Learn from other communities
  117. Creation of young adult program-expansion of –presentation @ mass
  118. Create 55 + group
  119. Recreate Mom’s Group
  120. Strengthen community outreach
  121. Send out marketing materials
  122. Engage more young volunteers
  123. Church events – i.e. Fall Festival, Summer BBQetc…
  124. Town Hall meeting
  125. Latino outreach –focus on minority communities
  126. Spanish Mass
  127. Allow non–parishioners to marry at St. Rose
  128. Combine the churches St. Rose & CC use their gathering space and our School
  129. More faith building or/and bible studies
  130. Young adult activities
  131. Involve the elderly in different groups
  132. Gain knowledge about what other parishes do
  133. Become more social
  134. Keep traditional but reintroduce contemporary music
  135. Bring readings into everyday life
  136. More adult enrichment
  137. During holidays have more grief & loss gatherings
  138. Making Altar serving and Youth Group more available to the non-school parish children

What is the Lord’s vision for us?:

  1. A strong, faithful community
  2. Service-oriented
  3. Prosperous school
  4. Keep programs we have
  5. Start new programs to start new
  6. Neighborhood parish (all ages)
  7. More input from parishioners rather than top down
  8. Strengthen message so everyone
  9. God wants us to be Church not go to church
  10. Vibrant diverse community
  11. Welcoming community
  12. High engagement in parish life
  13. Modern disciples and evangelists of Jesus
  14. Reach more people
  15. Involve more people
  16. We should be proud to be Catholic
  17. Adult enrichment classes
  18. Parish Feed – weekly
  19. More socialization opportunities
  20. Masses in Spanish or interpretation services for Hmong, Karen, Spanish
  21. More information on stewardship regularly not just 1x yearly
  22. Recruiting not St. Rose parishioners for adoration
  23. Class Ideas prosperity, grief & loss, stress
  24. Increase use of social media for outreach
  25. Unity & compassion for each other
  26. Gut reading
  27. Prat – let people know needs
  28. Grow
  29. A stronger identity of who we are as a community
  30. Serve our community like Christ
  31. Listen to the Holy Spirit
  32. Love God_ defeat indifference to the Creator
  33. Gathering space for activities, luncheons, a community with no steps
  34. Handicap accessible
  35. New neighbor/intro packet for realtors
  36. Supporting the school
  37. Strengthening Faith thru families/school
  38. Be part of the community
  39. Making St. Rose more visible strengthening parishioners in a very challenging world
  40. Rose parish yard signs
  41. Preaching/church activities strongly based in church teachings
  42. Continue to teach Church teachings
  43. Question not asked: Who on staff can watch the activities/programs that archdiocese has & put them in the bulletin?
  44. A way to continue outreach Masses to care communities
  45. More young parishioners
  46. More contemporary Christian Music
  47. Project a welcoming environment
  48. Inviting, entertaining
  49. Appeal to a younger crowd
  50. Social media
  51. Marketing
  52. Feed’em
  53. Music
  54. Continue to market school
  55. Gathering space
  56. Covered drop off for seniors
  57. More entry on Hamline (no one driving on Hamline sees the activity because all coming going happens behind Church & School
  58. Build a gathering space
  59. Elevator / lift –from tunnel /school
  60. Advertise school more
  61. Advertise tuition assistance & how to obtain it
  62. Increase invitation and outreach at church
  63. Additional Ministries:
  64. “Befrienders” – trained to meet with people who are struggling
  65. -Only the Lord knows
  66. The Lord’s vision
  67. Have more people in the pews
  68. Evangelization
  69. Use the parish A tool for salvation
  70. Keeps the parish going
  71. Offer more welcoming opportunities
  72. Involvement
  73. Reach out to other _________ or Christian immigrant group s
  74. More studies for the adults without school age children
  75. Bring people back to school
  76. Anxiety
  77. Increased
  78. To have confirmation prep for children to be done through the Rel Ed in School as first Communion is done
  79. To have more middle-aged people w/children volunteer more
  80. Put part of budget toward more frequent senior residence masses
  81. Weekly Mass at care centers


Open Microphone Responses:

  1. *Alarming Financial Figures – If we are losing $1.2M a year how much longer will the Parish be operational? Joe discussed that the financials listed were not comprehensive and the shortfall is estimated at $125,000. The school is 70% self-supported (tuition, grants, etc) and the church gives 26% to the school.
  2. *There is a lack of things to get involved with. Women’s Club, Men’s Club, Fall Festival and Loaves and Fishes have all gone away. Need more opportunities for community involvement.
  3. *To draw more younger families we should increase our social media outreach
  4. *More cooperation between the two parishes (St. Rose and Corpus Christie) focused ministries, reviewing what is still relevant. Present a discussion on what is great about being Catholic. Respond to change with excitement.
  5. *Provide additional data going back 10-20 years on statics (attendance, funerals, weddings, etc) look at options for leadership questions, other minister’s, married priests, women. Join the two parishes together.
  6. *Gathering Space – Front of the church, between the church and school, consider all options without losing parking. Response from Joe – Would need to engage with an architect firm to consider all options.
  7. *More data on a wedding in our Parish compares with other Parishes. Father commented that in general church weddings are down. Fewer people in general are getting married and those that are, are not getting married in the church. Destination wedding, etc.
  8. *What is God’s vision for us? How do we be a church versus go to church? How do we make church a verb? Felt this was good dialogue but should happen more often.
  9. *Involve the youth, grow the school.
  10. *Address the aging community, and making sure we are ready to transition when the population shifts and younger people move in. How do we make sure we are ready for the renewal of Roseville that is bound to happen?
  11. *Reminder about the Catholics at the Capitol on February 19th
  12. *Accessibility in the school, those with mobility issues cannot attend the pancake breakfast as there is no elevator to the cafeteria. Find out why people have left the church, sexual abuse and the church’s stance on sexual orientation.
  13. *Reach out to the 32 new parishioners this past year and dig deeper as to why they chose to join St. Rose of Lima, where did they come from, what made them chose us?
  14. *Let women be priests
  15. Join the two parishes together.
  16. *There is no widow/widowers support group. Need training for people that are coming up to replace current volunteers, how do we mold younger people to take on volunteer roles of those are that are aging? Add activities/group for adults whose kids have moved out.
  17. *Sounds System – Father did comment on the recent improvements to the sound system.
  18. *Establish a small committee to attend parishes that are packed and find out why? What is driving people to certain parishes over others?
  19. *Pray for our Parish Daily.


Mass & Reconciliation

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Sunday: 9:00 am
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Monday Communion Service: 8:00 am

SATURDAYS: 3:30 to 4:00 pm

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