Saint Rose of Lima takes great care in ministering to parish families at the time of a funeral.


Scheduling a Funeral

Upon receiving a call from either the family or the funeral home, the first step is to set the time for the funeral based on the schedules of the family, the funeral home, the parish, and the pastor.  That schedule will include visitation time(s), the actual funeral date and time, interment, and luncheon.


Preparing for the Funeral

To prepare for the funeral, pastoral care staff will spend time with the family talking about the one who has died.  Staff will also assist the family in choosing the scripture readings, music, how they will participate, and any special details.  On the day of the funeral, the parish will provide a liturgy guide to help all who come to participate fully.  To help you in preparation, please see our Funeral Planning Guide and Planning Worksheet.


Funeral Lunch

Saint Rose is willing to provide a funeral lunch for the families of parishioners.  Depending on the interment schedule, the luncheon may be held immediately after the funeral or after the interment.  The luncheon will be served in the lower level of the Parish Center by parish volunteers.  We have an arrangement with TST Catering to provide food from the Pay It Forward Funeral Lunch Menu.  (There is an additional meatless option for the Fridays of Lent.)  Saint Rose has a long-standing custom of not charging for funeral lunches, we simply ask the family to make whatever donation they can afford for the lunch.


Ministries for the Funeral Liturgy

Saint Rose offers parishioners many opportunities to assist in the funeral liturgy including Ushers, Mass Servers, Sacristan, Funeral Schola, Communion Ministers, and Lectors.  Please call the Parish Office at 651-645-9389 to volunteer.

Please call our parish office for information regarding funerals at 651-645-9389.

Mass & Reconciliation

Saturday: 4:30 pm
Sunday: 9:00 am
Wednesday and Friday: 8:00 am
Monday Communion Service: 8:00 am

SATURDAYS: 3:30 to 4:00 pm

Parish Office Phone: 651-645-9389